Cultural Walking Tours


The walking tour departs from the Zocalo at a time convenient for you and generally lasts 2-3 hours. This service is also a private service that is catered to your interests and can range from cathedrals/ museums tours to market tours or anything that interests you. Please keep in mind that cathedrals and museums have their own tour guides as in most countries’ national treasures.  Typical market tours range from arts and crafts, such as pottery, rug weaving shops, Oaxacan wood carvings to contemporary art galleries. The food of Oaxaca has always been in the spotlight of world cuisine. A typical “food tour” hits all the famous markets of the city, focusing on Oaxacan moles, chocolate, cheeses and typical cuisines of the surrounding villages. The vast varieties of Oaxacan food can be attributed to the many different pre-Hispanic groups that have occupied this area for thousands of years. Roberto and his staff have done their homework on the attractions of Oaxaca City, so please let him design a tour for you.